image/svg+xml 22013522 518 992651 373 A02 P32 172 507 7348 UD 2319 41


MODEL Volkswagen Type 2
➡ Kombi (model 231)
➡ LHD, sliding door right
➡ Campmobile
ENGINE Type 4, Dual carburetor, Exhaust emission control
TRANSMISSION Manual transmission, 4-speed
VEHICLE IDENT. NR. 2322013522
PRODUCTION DATE Sept. 15, 1971
OPTIONAL EXTRAS M 518: Opening in roof with reinforcement for Westfalia pop-up roof
M 020: Speedometer and odometer in miles
M 026: With activated carbon container for absorbing fuel vapour
M 089: Laminated windscreen glass
M 102: Rear-window heating
M 206: Inner rear-view mirror, anti-dazzle
M 506: Brake servo and dual-circuit brake control lamp
M 511: Padded dashboard and dashboard lid (not for RHD)
M 524: USA and Canada specifications
M 525: Seatbelts for USA and Canada
M P32: Additional tent for interior P31
M 172: Tubeless steel-ply tyres
M 507: Ventilation windows in cabin doors
EXTERIOR Body: Pastel White (L90D)
Roof: Pastel White (L90D)

Remarks: Campmobiles
INTERIOR Dark Beige, Leatherette
DESTINATION COUNTRY USA via Baltimore, Philadelphia