image/svg+xml 32138091 320 922751 235 A41 123 181 319 7473 EN 2340 11 E


MODEL Volkswagen Type 2
➡ Kombi (model 234)
➡ RHD, sliding door left
➡ Standard version
ENGINE Type 1, Single carburetor
TRANSMISSION Manual transmission, 4-speed
VEHICLE IDENT. NR. 2332138091
PRODUCTION DATE June 8, 1973. Manufactured at the Emden plant
OPTIONAL EXTRAS M 320: ECE regulations sticker "R 11" (door locks and hinges)
M 020: Speedometer and odometer in miles
M 061: Type labelling of seat mounting and identification plate for England and Ireland
M 085: Filled in factory with double amount of petrol (used for driving on and off the train, for example)
M 187: Headlamps for countries with left-hand traffic
M 123: Suppression equipment for radio reception
M 181: Chrome hubcaps and headlamp rings
M 319: ECE regulations sticker "R 10" (with M123 only) (suppression equipment for radio reception)
EXTERIOR Body: Brilliant Orange (L20B)
Roof: Pastel White (L90D)

Remarks: Westfalia
INTERIOR Dark Beige, Leatherette
DESTINATION COUNTRY United Kingdom via Ramsgate