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MODEL Volkswagen Type 2
➡ Pick-up double cab (model 265)
➡ LHD, rear passenger door right
➡ Standard version
ENGINE Type 1, Single carburetor
TRANSMISSION Manual transmission, 4-speed
VEHICLE IDENT. NR. 2682117141
OPTIONAL EXTRAS M 191: With outer and centre underfloor plates
M 542: Various special constructions for German Army purposes (with M149 only. In case of model 265, with M101, M178, M207, M209 only)
M 571: Rear foglamp
M 632: Further suppressed equipment
S 710: Tail-light lenses yellow-red instead of yellow-red-white
M 184: Three-point safety belts for driver and passenger seat with roll-up automatic and push-button lock
M 186: Two-point seatbelts for all seats in passenger compartment
M 207: Undefined code, year 1978
M 209: Undefined code, year 1978
M 227: Detachable headrests for all seats in cabin (with M161 only)
M 032: Lockable cap for fuel tank
M 065: Writings for maximum axle loads and maximum weight
M 082: Mountings for first aid kit
M 085: Filled in factory with double amount of petrol (used for driving on and off the train, for example)
M 089: Laminated windscreen glass
M 100: Without VW logo on front
M 101: Off-road tyres
M 103: Heavy duty shock absorbers front and back
M 121: Two electric ventilators in fresh-air system
M 149: Painted instead of chrome parts
M 161: Seats in cabin with mountings for headrests
M 178: Wooden floor panels with built-in guiding rails (also in side panels and on floor above engine compartment) for mounting tools and instruments
EXTERIOR Body: Olive Green (L319)
Roof: Olive Green (L319)

Remarks: Army, Germany
INTERIOR Canyon Brown, Leatherette
DESTINATION Bundeswehr (German Army)