image/svg+xml 82120591 073 194 208 618 690 945150 161 H34 U83 VT4 Z05 7499 132 2310 31


MODEL Volkswagen Type 2
➡ Kombi (model 231)
➡ LHD, sliding door right
➡ Standard version
ENGINE Type 4, Dual carburetor
TRANSMISSION Manual transmission, 4-speed
VEHICLE IDENT. NR. 2382120591
PRODUCTION DATE April 17, 1978
OPTIONAL EXTRAS M 073: Roof opening and reinforcement for Westfalia pop-up roof SO 73
M 194: Convex outer rear-view mirrors left and right instead of mirrors with flat glass
M 208: Trailer hitch and extra towing hook on front
M 618: Generator 70A instead of 55A (with M157 or M251 only)
M 690: Passenger seat in cabin as swivelling seat, without metal partition behind this seat
M H34: Unknown code, year 1978
M U83: Unknown code, year 1978
M 032: Lockable cap for fuel tank
M 094: Lockable engine lid
M 102: Rear-window heating
M 161: Seats in cabin with mountings for headrests
M 511: Padded dashboard and dashboard lid (not for RHD)
M 551: Halogen headlamps
M 025: Speedometer with trip recorder and clock
M 162: Rubber strips for bumpers
M 507: Ventilation windows in cabin doors
M 616: Reversing lights (built-in with rearlight units)
EXTERIOR Body: Sage Green (L63H)
Roof: Sage Green (L63H)

Remarks: Westfalia
INTERIOR Black, Leatherette
DESTINATION VW-Audi-Vertriebszentrum Köln